Frequently Asked Questions

How do the eyelash growth serums work?

Applying the lash product directly on the lash line results in active agents being absorbed through skin onto the lash follicles. Thanks to that, nourished lash roots can produce longer and thicker lashes. The standard eyelash treatment ought to last as long as the eyelash life phase does which is 90-150 days. Effects are visible long after we stop using the eyelash serum.

When choosing the lash enhancer you should be careful, as there are many fake ones especially online. More and more customers complain that the product they get of eBay or Amazon do not work, as they should. It turned out that there is a huge amount of fake products circulating in the virtual world. To ensure you have the original eyelash serum, always buy it from the producer.

Are the eyelash growth serums for Everyone?

Eyelash growth serums can be used by both women and men. They are recommended to those whose lashes are short and brittle due to the disease or the lash extension treatment. Most of the products do not cause any side effects and are safe to use. However, pregnant and breastfeeding woman as well as those who undergo chemo/radiotherapy should avoid using eyelash conditioners.

How long does it take to regrow/enhance eyelashes naturally?

There are many different factors such as Genetics, Climate, Diet etc. ... that play very important roles in achieving the best results. Individuals can experience different results in different time frames. Also it depends on the product you use to enhance your eyelashes. From the massive reviews and messages that we got during our research, it turned out that the initial signs of eyelash growth can be seen on week 3-4.

What if I forget to apply the enhancing serum or if I do it twice a day?

If you forget to apply the serum, do it the following evening. However, remember that only systematic application is the key to success. If you miss more than one application, the time in which you will see the results will be longer. There is no added benefit to using the serum more than once a day. Extra applications will not accelerate the process of regeneration.

What happens if I stop using my eyelash serum?

Once you have achieved the desired increased density, it is recommended to continue using the eyelash serum in order to maintain the result. The product will continue to fortify and condition your lashes.