2017's Best Products

Is It Really Possible To Grow Longer and Healthier Eyelashes?

There are many different factors such as Genetics, Climate, Diet etc. ... that play very important roles in achieving the best results. Individuals can experience different results in different time frames. Finding a product that may work can be difficult. Many products on the market have been proven to be quit ineffective. We are here to hopefully guide you in the right direction.

How Do We Find The Best Products?

We've extensively researched dozens of products and will be providing a brief review of the top 5 products. We're going to compare several aspects of each product, including success rates (short and long term), quality of ingredients, affordability, as well as customer rankings, and reviews. Below you will find the top 5 products of 2017.

Joell Lockhart
Senior Editor
Beauty Specialist

#1 Rated: BoostLash

Our Rating: 9.5/10

Customer Rating: 9.62/10 (638 Votes)

Website: www.boostlashenhancer.com


  • + Very high success rate
  • + Innovative Formula
  • + Not greasy or oily, and it doesn't smell like alcohol or chemicals
  • + Affordable 5.0ml($59.00) + Free Shipping


  • - Only available online

BoostLash has grown into one of the biggest selling products, and for good reason: BoostLash is the most powerful product we came across in our research, with the highest success rate across the board. The company provides great customer service, and most importantly, their product is made in USA.

BoostLash is available worldwide and they offer free shipping. BoostLash comes in a very nice and feminine packaging as well. The 5ml bottle is a 2-3 month supply if applied twice daily.

Website: www.boostlashenhancer.com

#2 Product: RevitaLash

Our Rating: 8.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 71%


  • + Powerful Product
  • + Decent success rate


  • - Some side effects have reported
  • - Expensive 4.0ml($85.00)
  • - No Free Shipping

RevitaLash is one of the most well known eyelash volumizers. It also possesses one of the highest success rates of all of the products and remedies tested. However side effects have been reported with this product. Side effects such as: eye irritation and burning sensation on eyelids which ruins the appeal of the product for many users.

RevitaLash comes in a silver 4.0ml bottle.

#3 Product: Lilash

Our Rating: 7.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 63%


  • + Powerful Product
  • + Decent success rate


  • - Expensive 2.0ml($75.00)
  • - Not available in United States, only from resellers

LiLash is one of the well known products on the market. However we weren't able to purchase the product through their website. US residents can purchase the product from resellers. Which we think is a downside.

LiLash comes in a silver 2.0ml bottle.

#4 Product:LashFood

Our Rating: 6.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 55%


  • + Beautiful Packaging
  • + Good Company Rating


  • - No user friendly website
  • - Very Expensive 3.0ml($120.00)

LashFood is a weaker product, compromising of the main ingredient(peptide) which this ingredient can be find in our #1 rated product with nearly half the price.

LashFood has been in the market for years and it has its own customers. However the price was outrages in our opinion. It comes in a very nice black and gold packaging. The product is 3.0ml.

#5 Product: VegaLASH

Our Rating: 6.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 49%


  • + Nice Packaging
  • + Available Worldwide


  • - Results Not Impressive
  • - Expensive 4.0ml($79.95)
  • - No Free Shipping
  • - Different price tags, that confuses customers

VegaLash is full of hype and self-praise, but how well does this product really work? From the ingredients, it is not 100% natural as they claim.

VegaLash comes in a very nice pink packaging.

*Results May Vary
Rank Product Summary Power Speed of Results Long Term Results Customer Satisfaction Overall Rating
#1 BoostLash
  • Powerful natural eyelash enhancer
  • Increased length and volume for over 90% of the users
  • Highest overall success rate
  • Fastest product to see results
  • Hormone free, cruelty free & made in USA
9.5/10 9/10 9.5/10 96% 9.5/10
#2 RevitaLash
  • Strong eyelash volumizer
  • Worked perfectly for 70% of the users
  • Second highest success rate
  • Very popular
8/10 7/10 8.5/10 71% 8.0/10
#3 Lilash
  • Good for mild/moderate eyelash loss
  • Not suitable for excessive eyelash loss
  • Good success rate for mild eyelash loss
  • Longer usage of the product needed
7/10 7.5/10 7/10 63% 7.0/10
#4 LashFood
  • Good for treat mild eyelash loss only
  • Not suitable for moderate eyelash loss
  • Reasonable success rate for mild eyelash loss
  • Slow to show initial results
6.5/10 5.5/10 7.5/10 55% 6.5/10
#5 VegaLash
  • Good for treat mild eyelash loss only
  • Speed of results below average
  • Long term results not so impressive
  • Quite expensive, little value for the money
6.5/10 6.5/10 6/10 57% 6.0/10